Devorah Heymann's Bat Mitzvah @ the Kottel Jerusalem Jan 2000

In 1999 Marc asked Devorah what would her dream Bat Mitzvah be. 
Perhaps a big party where all friends & family came, a small party with just her friends, or perhaps she had another dream ?

Well said, Devorah- I like to go on Safari in Africa, to Paris, to Jerusalem, and to Disneyland !
Now that would be memorable and an educational Bat mitzvah we thought Any way it would allow us to enjoy life and quality time as a family. From there we started planning.
In November 1999 we left Australia for Safari in South Africa. From there we went to Italy (Milan,Venice, Florence, Rome) then to Israel.
After a side trip to Jerash and Petra in Jordan and back to Israel (Safet, Hula Valley & the Golan) we headed for London (Where Devorah danced on stage with a Cat in the CATS Musical) then to Paris, finally home via New York, Chicago, Detroit, and L.A. (Anaheim/Disneyland). We arrived back home in Melbourne Australia in mid February 2000

The Bat Mitzvah:
Whilst davening (praying) at the Kottel on a Shabbos, Marc met Rabbi Jay Karzen who told him he ran a business "Riitual's Unlimited" He boasts that he is Jerusalem's Bar Mitzvah King offering 100's or Bar / Bat Mitzvah's at the Kottel each year.
WOW said Marc, what about a Bat Mitzvah for Devorah ? - Her Hebrew Bat Mitzvah date was that Thursday. 
"Sure" Rabbi Karzen said "we can do that"

We telephoned some friends and relatives, and all was set. 
On a beautiful sunny morning at 9:30am in front of the Kottel mispoche / Family and friends all gathered. 
Devorah read some Tehillim (Psalms), recited the Shema, and Naomi & La gave her a (Brocha) Blessing, and everyone sang Aish Ish Chayl (a Woman of Valour, who can find ? )
After that we all retreated to the "Hole in the Wall" restaurant, located at the back of the Wailing Wall (Kottel) Plaza for a celebration over cake and refreshments.

So it was Devorah's  Bat Mitzvah at Judaism's most sacred and meaningful site - what a beautiful, memorable and significant way for Devorah to pass from being a girl into life as a young woman !
We highly recommend Rabbi Jay Karzen's for a Simcha at the wailing wall. Read his  book "Off The Wall " for insights - contact him at email  Tel: 972 2 563-1018 or Web 

Devorah reading Tehillim (psalms) with the Rabbi Karzen at her Bat Mitzvah at the Kottel (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem Devorah's Bat Mitzvah with Family & Friends)
Schwartz Family from Melbourne, Dalia Gruenfeld, and Stipyor Families 

Naomi-&-Devorah at her Bat Mitzvah

Devorah Shows off her Bat Mitzvah Certificate