Portuguese Roots of our Family


  • Our family according to researcher Joseph Ben Brith (Israel, in his book "History of the Henriques Family") says that  Hayym Henriques born 1769 in Schleswig Holstein (a various times part of Denmark & Germany) Germanized his name to Haymann / Heymann

    The story of our family leading up to the 18th Century is a fascinating tale reflective of the story of the Jews through out the ages. Particularly interesting is our familys lived in the Golden age of Spain and Portugal and the eventual forced conversion, execution, and expulsion from Spain in 1492 and Portugal 1497.

  • They can be traced to the first Chief Rabbi of Portugal Rabbi Jahia Negro Ibn Ya'isch (born 1100 in Cordoba Portugal died in Lisbon Portugal. He was also Chief Advisor (Court Jew) to the first King of Portugal Alfonso I. the Conqueror.  His Son Rabbi Jose-Jehuda Ibn JACHIA was the Royal Treasurer and Principal Administrator of King Sanchos I. (1185-1211) and Chief Rabbi of Portugal. His son Rabbi Don Joseph JAHIA was one of the great Talmudists in history.. His son Don Selomo JACHIA was the Parnas (Head Jewish Community) and a Commander Portuguese army. 

The Jachia family continues prominently in Portuguese life until the Inquisition and forced conversion. Many family members were forced to convert and become Marronos (and thus secret Jews). Finally after escaping to Venice, Amsterdam, Altona & Hamburg and many other place they were able to return openly to their religion.